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We provide quality and professional service for our clients that wish to create their own garden food paradise using organic & bio-dynamic practices with a permaculture design approach.

As a family team, we are dedicated to help you grow your food in a chemical-free and holistic way. From Seed to Harvest.

We build and design gardens from scratch and we also improve and transform existing ones. From small backyards to acreage properties.

Our business is located in the Eastern Suburbs in Melbourne and we service all suburbs surrounding Knox, Cardinia, the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley.

Tomas Cifuentes

Tomas is a local professional gardener, organic grower and landscaper.

He’s been farming, landscaping and experimenting with heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs and fruits for 10 years with great success.

Tomas is also the director of the Seed of Life Farmers Market which runs every month at the foothills of Mt. Dandenong. He’s also a consultant and an educator. Tomas runs workshops through the year around garden centers, community hubs and permaculture design certificates (PDC) courses.

Services & Expertise

  • Garden Design

    Your Vision

    Landscape Planning

    Plant & Tree Selection

  • Organic Soil Management

    Ground Preparation & Soil Analysis

    Organic Compost & Mulches

    Green Manures

    Microorganisms (Soil Food Web) & Fungi (Mycorrhiza) Inoculation

    Biological Mineral Fertilizers & Compost Tea (ACT)

  • Landscape Construction

    Garden beds creation

    Raised beds

    Terraces, rockeries

    Food Forest

  • Irrigation Systems

    Drip-irrigation systems

    Automated irrigation

    Mulching & Water conservation

  • Consultation & Education

    On-site land evaluation

    Crop and vegetation advice

    Seasonal Garden Workshops

    Permaculture Soils Teacher

  • Garden Maitenance

    Organic Gardening Services

    Seasonal Fertilization for established Edible Landscapes.


What is Edible Landscaping?

  • This is a style of gardening where we use fruit trees, berries, vegetables, medicinal herbs & flowers at the core of our landscape design. We also incorporate popular ornamental and Australian natives to create a perfect natural system that looks magnificent.

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